About us


Geotimecard is part of AJS Cloud, LLC.

Founded and based in Cupertino CA, our company is formed with over a decade of knowledge and expertise on how technology is wrapped around employees. The foundation of AJS is to provide what is required and eradicate over-kills.


Coming of cloud computing changed on how CEOs, CFOs looked at technology. Last few years had been a groundbreaking change in technology. Coming of smartphones are not limited to calling, texting but a significant change with fingertip decision and eliminating evil attributes. At AJS we embrace fingertip decision as an essential element in business, and that is only possible with “cloud” (virtualization and SAS). As a Cloud provider, we understand Hybrid, Public or Private cloud, what is required and what to put on the back burner and with a pool of certified engineers, it becomes just a simple task.


Our products are tested for weeks and months before we launch in the market. With in-house expertise from business analysis to coding, we make a 360-view approach in every possible scenario. Our solutions are to make the system work for you and not work for the system.